The Top 10 Highest-Paying Marketing Jobs for This Month 2019

The Top 10 Highest-Paying Marketing Jobs  for This Month 2019

So that you’re searching out a rewarding profession in advertising. Do you know which marketing jobs pay the most? I am telling Top 10 highest-Paying Marketing Jobs.

Don’t worry, we did the digging for you. Test out the pinnacle Top 10 highest-paying Marketing jobs from our closing Marketing  Careers manual.

If you are thinking about our technique: We used survey statistics amassed by Payscale to define key factors for every advertising role. it is essential to be aware that consistent with Payscale, “all compensation statistics proven are gross 10th to ninetieth percentile degrees.”

The Top 10 Highest-Paying Marketing Jobs:

1. Chief MarketingOfficer (CMO)

Base annual earnings: $eighty,253-$253,036
National common annual profits: $187,000
  • Less than 1 12 months (1%)
  • 1-4 years (5%)
  • 5-nine years (8%)
  • 10-19 years (39%)
  • 20+ years (47%)
Popular skills: Strategic advertising, marketing management, branding, marketing communications, business development
Skills correlated with salaries higher than the global average:
  • Online advertising (10% higher revenue)
  • Product advertising (10% better income)
  • Strategic advertising (6% higher profits)
  • Potential profession progression: leader executive Officer
Tour requirements: a big journey may be required.
educational necessities: most employers require a sophisticated diploma in advertising or a related area.
Paintings time table: long hours are regularly required.
Gender: 38% woman; 62% male.

The Top 10 Highest-Paying Marketing Jobs  for This Month 2019

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is answerable for developing and coping.The execution of a business enterprise’s advertising vision. The CMO concretely lays out desires and offers a path for his or her sales and advertising personnel. They ought to additionally be capable of speaking the exhilaration and imaginative and prescient of the organization to the media and clients through many marketing channels.

Wonderful abilities in leadership, quantitative facts analysis, control, and verbal exchange. At the side of a strong heritage in income and Marketing, are an ought to. In case you are seeking to lead a corporation, take into account that 20% of the present-day. Fortune 500 chief government officials start off in income and marketing, according to Forbes.

2. Vice President of Marketing

This Vice President (VP) of Marketing task description template is optimized with essential capabilities and qualifications that will help you attract experienced applicants. sense loose to add specific task obligations to meet your enterprise’s desires.

Base annual salary: $81,835-$194,584
National average annual salary: $155,000

Popular skills: Strategic marketing, marketing management, marketing communications, product marketing, advertising.

Skills correlated with salaries higher than the national average:

  • Proven work experience as a VP of Marketing, Marketing Director or another senior role
  • Demonstrable experience designing and implementing successful marketing campaigns
  • Solid knowledge of SEO, web analytics and Google Adwords
  • Experience with CRM software and digital marketing tools and techniques
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Strong analytical and project management skills
  • Strategic mindset, with the ability to make difficult decisions
  • BSc degree in Marketing, Communications or relevant field
Capacity career development: President, Vice President of sales and advertising and marketing, leader Govt Officer, govt vice chairman of marketing, Senior vice president of advertising and marketing.

Travel Requirement: A journey may be required.

Educational Requirements: Giant training in advertising and enterprise administration endorsed.
paintings agenda: long hours are often required.
Gender: 47% woman; 53% male.

Vice presidents of advertising are noticeably positioned executives or board-degree directors chargeable for outlining and handling an employer’s marketing strategies around its products and services. they've duties that variety from branding to advertising or even pricing and bargain systems.

The Top 10 Highest-Paying Marketing Jobs  for This Month 2019-Vice President of Marketing

The Vice President of advertising will generally have a research team that evaluates the effectiveness of contemporary marketing programs and generates ideas for future product improvement. Highest paying jobs They may be commonly chargeable for imparting and proving the ROI of advertising and marketing techniques to other executives and the board. In a director-level govt role, the vice chairman of advertising typically sits on a government board in the agency, normally as a direct record to a division president, chief government, or leader operating officer.

3.Global Marketing Manager

Base annual salary: $59,963-$144,916
National common annual profits: $103,000


  • Less than 1 year (1%)
  • 1-4 years (14%)
  • 5-9 years (37%)
  • 10-19 years (33%)
  • 20+ years (15%)
Popular Skills: Strategic advertising and marketing, marketing management, advertising and Marketing communications, product advertising and marketing, mission control.

Skills Correlated with Pay Higher than the countrywide average:

  • Business Strategy (84% higher income)
  • Strategic Marketing (11% higher earnings)
  • Product Marketing (6% higher earnings)
Ability career progression: advertising Director, vice president of marketing
Travel Requirements: A few tours are probably.
Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s diploma in an area associated with the organization’s Recognition area, with a grasp’s of business management desired.
Gender: 55% lady; 45% male.

The worldwide Marketing Manager oversees the agency’s advertising and marketing finances on a global scale, paperwork and executes plans for development, and gives internally about the business enterprise’s course.

The global advertising and marketing manager has to also set up and maintain relationships with companions. And be capable of paintings with different departments to coordinate efforts on improving and expanding the employer’s business.

4. Call for Era Director

Base Annual salary: $83,806-$158,781
National common annual income: $130,000


Much less than 1 12 months (0%)
  • 1-4 years (13%)
  • 5-9 years (26%)
  • 10-19 years (47%)
  • 20+ years (14%)
Popular capabilities: Lead generation, strategic advertising, online advertising, Marketo
capabilities correlated with salaries higher than the national common:

Lead ERA (1% better earnings)
Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s degree may be required.
Gender: 62% female; 38% male

Demand ERA directors are chargeable for growing and main a corporation’s ERA techniques for content, outreach, searches, and other digital processes. That produces leads that grow to be customers. these administrators control both online and offline demand campaigns and additionally layout, test, automate, and execute new campaigns.

Call for technology administrators must be able to broaden close running relationships with income groups. advanced expertise of B2B advertising practices in automating and producing content material and nurturing new lead sources, in addition to database control, is essential for this role.

5. Content Advertising Director

Base annual salary: $54,506-$one hundred forty five,269
countrywide average annual earnings: $92,000

  • Less than 1 12 months (1%)
  • 1-4 years (19%)
  • 5-9 years (30%)
  • 10-19 years (38%)
  • 20+ years (12%)
Popular Skill: content material control, humans management, copywriting, enhancing, social media advertising and marketing
competencies correlated with salaries better than the national common:

  • Approach development (22% higher income)
  • Marketing communications (9% higher revenue)
  • People control (4% higher profits)
  • Gender: 66% girl; 34% male
Directors of content advertising are responsible for operating with groups to develop a content strategy and drive demand. They formulate and execute new and effective content advertising techniques, and report on advertising campaigns. They manipulate and inspire the content body of workers to make sure that content material advertising and marketing desires are reached.

6. Product advertising manager

Base annual income: $53,550-$121,708
Countrywide common annual profits: $89,000

  • Less than 1 12 months (2%)
  • 1-4 years (32%)
  • 5-9 years (34%)
  • 10-19 years (25%)
  • 20+ years (7%)
Popular Skill: Product marketing, strategic advertising, advertising control, advertising communications, advertising and marketing studies

Skills correlated with salaries better than the countrywide common:

  • Aggressive intelligence (7% better profits)
  • Strategic marketing (6% better revenue)
  • Business evaluation (four% higher revenue)
Skill career progression: advertising Director, Senior advertising manager, Senior Product supervisor, Product Marketing Director, Senior Product advertising and marketing supervisor
Educational Required: might also require a bachelor’s degree in advertising or a related subject.
Gender: 44% woman; 66% male

A product advertising manager should emerge as fairly familiar with the agency’s products to assemble a strategy for the way pleasant to sell them with a view to generating the very best sales. The product advertising and marketing supervisor oversees how the product is marketed, mentioned in press releases, and seen with the aid of the public.

Product marketing managers can paintings on nearby, local, countrywide, or international levels. A business enterprise can also search for a product advertising and marketing manager with knowledge in their unique enterprise.

7. Channel Marketing Manager

Base annual profits: $fifty two,993-$115,863
national common annual revenue: $86,000 average


  • Much less than 1 yr (1%)
  • 1-4 years (20%)
  • 5-9 years (37%)
  • 10-19 years (32%)
  • 20+ years (10%)
Famous competencies: Strategic marketing, marketing management, advertising communications, market studies, web advertising
Skills correlated with salaries higher than the national common:

  • Online advertising and marketing (16% higher profits)
  • Internet advertising and marketing (12% better income)
  • PowerPoint (9% higher salary)
Skill profession development: Senior marketing supervisor, Marketing Director
Travel Requirements: The common tour is predicted.

Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s diploma in advertising or an associated area required, and training or revel in logistics and distribution favored.
Work Schedule: Ordinary enterprise hours.
Gender: 53% female; 47% male

Huge businesses that promote merchandise frequently do no longer do enterprise at once with their clients; rather, they sell their goods via stores, associates, and other shops. These are known as channels, and a channel marketing manager works with those entities to help the income of their employer’s merchandise at the same time as making sure the shops preserve the product’s branding and advertising constantly.

8. Creative Director

Base annual earnings: $forty four,426-$152,383
Global average annual earnings: $85,000


  • Much less than 1 year (1%)
  • 1-4 years (thirteen%)
  • 5-9 years (20%)
  • 10-19 years (45%)
  • 20+ years (21%)
Famous abilities: Adobe Photoshop, photograph layout, branding, Adobe Illustrator, design
Skills correlated with salaries higher than the countrywide common:

  • User Interface design (15% higher earnings)
  • Group management (9% higher profits)
  • Strategic advertising (8% better profits)
Potential career progression: advertising and marketing manager, advertising Director, vice chairman of advertising, advertising Communications Director, innovative services Director

Educational Qualification: A technical or bachelor’s degree in picture layout, marketing, media, or a similar subject is required.
Work time table: regular enterprise hours, even though hours may also vary by using the function.
Gender: 38% female; 62% male

An innovative director leads a group responsible for growing and implementing innovative work, together with tasks in photo design, advertising, tune, media, or similar fields. creative administrators commonly fall into two classes: an in-residence creative director or a business enterprise creative director.

An in-house innovative director is usually accountable for marketing campaigns and creative obligations for big businesses, at the same time as an innovative director in a corporation handles innovative initiatives for a large range of clients.

9. Advertising Director

Base annual revenue: $41,245-$105,256
Global average annual salary: $81,000

  • Much less than 1 yr (1%)
  • 1-4 years (17%)
  • 5-9 years (26%)
  • 10-19 years (40%)
  • 20+ years (16%)
Popular skills: advertising and marketing control, advertising communications, strategic marketing, marketing, branding
Skills correlated with salaries better than the global average:
  • Product advertising (34% higher income)
  • Strategic advertising (19% better profits)
  • Strategic planning (13% higher revenue)
Potential profession progression: vice president of advertising and marketing, income and advertising Director, advertising and Marketing Communications Director, advertising and commercial business Improvement Director, Senior advertising Director.

Educational Requirement: Bachelor’s diploma in advertising and marketing or a similar subject is commonly required. marketing certifications may be useful.
Gender: 63% girl; 37% male.

Advertising administrators are answerable for handling and directing advertising and marketing strategies. They oversee their agency’s advertising staff and specify the scope of their marketing needs.

Their major obligations include developing tasks, concepts, and budgets for successful advertising and marketing campaigns. in addition, they help resolve crew problems and maintain a conversation with clients, vendors, and different managers within their corporation.

Advertising and marketing directors assist in brainstorm thoughts and degrees. The development of advertising and marketing tasks. They acquire and review records to enhance the employer’s future advertising performance.

10. Demand Technology Supervisor

Base annual earnings: $51,076-$109,119
Global common annual revenue: $81,000
  • Less than 1 12 months (three%)
  • 1-4 years (41%)
  • 5-9 years (36%)
  • 10-19 years (20%)
  • 20+ years (1%)
Popular competencies: Lead generation, online advertising, and marketing, email marketing, Marketo, strategic advertising
capabilities correlated with salaries better than the global average:
  1. Advertising control (7% higher earnings)
  2. Salesforce (5% higher salary)
  3. Lead generation (1% better profits)
Educational necessities: Bachelor’s diploma can be required.
Gender: 48% girl; 52% male

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