How To Make Money Selling Your Hair - 8 Steps Free

How To Make Money Selling Your Hair

In case you’re quick of a bob or, a couple of scissors is all that stands between you and a couple of hundred quid – right?

How to Make Money Selling Your Hair,  However, even as selling your hair isn't always exactly a short manner to make cash (until you've already were given ahead of healthy locks ready for a-snipping). There's some smooth money to be made if you're planning on developing it anyway.

right here’s what you want to know to get ahead of the hair market!

What you need to know about selling your hair

1. Human hair is in Demand

How To Make Money Selling Your Hair-Human-hair-is-in-demand

Whether or not it’s for weaves, wigs or extensions, a human hair is in demand – and it’s no longer just about style, either. humans can lose their personal for all styles of reasons, from getting older to infection or just the luck of the draw.

Human hair is favored for wigs and extensions as opposed to synthetic for the same motives it appears appropriate developing out of your head: it appears natural and it's clean to clean, shade or fashion.

Human hair has additionally been utilized in a whole sort of neat and nightmarish approaches, from mopping up oil spills to supplementing puppy food. regardless of the reason, there are masses of locations to tout your locks.

2. It’s what’s on the top of your head that counts

Simply if you’re wondering – wig makers want the hair out of your head. There are locations to sell ‘different’ forms of hair, but we’ll allow you to sniff those out for your self...

The good news is that hair harvesting isn’t only for girly women: there’s no reason why guys can’t get in on the act, too.

3. Grow it Long and to a Fair Duration

How To Make Money Selling Your Hair-grow-it-long

You’ve possibly seen ads imparting up to £200 in your greasy locks, but if that seems like a short reduce to easy cash... it’s no longer.

Read the details and also you’ll locate price commonly starts at round £15 for at least 10 inches of hair. That’s more or less equal to starting with shoulder-length hair and reducing all however some inches off – and you’ll earn less than the charge of the average haircut!

The load of your hair additionally makes a distinction, with excellent, complete locks being in greater call for than finer types. this is one time it will pay to be thick!

Keep away from getting your hair layered. most buyers want hair it's the equal duration all of the way around. That stated, do get a trim sometimes to keep the splits ends away!

4. You Need to Plot in Advance and Preserve it Healthful

You Need to Plot in Advance and Preserve it Healthful
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So, the money’s no longer splendid – until you plan in advance. And, given hair grows simply six inches 12 months (in case you’re lucky), we could be talking serious preparation.

For starters, the massive money is in long hair: you’ll want as a minimum 16 inches of even hair (it might not work if you have layers) to make between £50 and £a hundred and fifty.

Notice the variety, too – how plenty you without a doubt get depends on how the customer assesses the condition of your tresses.

Wash your hair with a shampoo that does not include sulfates that dry hair out. Washing your hair every day will also dry your hair out as you may strip it of its herbal oils. attempt washing it just two times every week, if you could, to preserve it shiny and strong!

5. Don't use warmth to your hair to fashion it

Don't use warmth to your hair to fashion it

To face a respectable hazard of selling your hair, it’s got to be in the exquisite, herbal situation: not colored, lightened, chemically treated or damaged in any manner (such as solar harm).

Untreated hair, or "virgin hair" as it's known available on the market, sell for much more than hair it's been colored, permanently straightened or permed.

It doesn’t mean you may have done the one's things inside the past. It does suggest you’ll have to grow out and lop off the one's bits earlier than you may give attention to harvesting the good stuff. Did we point out it could take you years to coins-in? Yeah, that x2.

6. Discover a client before you chop it off

You could end up kicking yourself if you don’t follow the rules before you grab the shears! Luckily, there are only a couple to keep in mind:
  • Some companies won’t accept anything other than freshly chopped hair, so don’t hack it off until you find a buyer!
  • Hair needs to be tightly secured, usually in a ponytail, before you cut it off. Some buyers also say it must be a ponytail and not a braid – but check for yourself!
  • You don’t need to visit a hairdresser to get your hair cut, but make sure you know what’s expected before having a go yourself.

7. Getting a haircut may be demanding

How To Make Money Selling Your Hair-Getting a haircut may be demanding

We’ve all had one of these snips that’s left us reaching for a hat – however, if you suppose that’s horrific, going from Rapunzel to Ross Kemp in a single day may be natural torture.

It doesn’t rely on how lengthy you’ve been prepping for it, going from long hair to barely there is going to sense quite ordinary at the start. Plus it’s going to weird out anybody, too. just don’t say we didn’t alert you!

8. Bundle your hair up efficiently

Don't use warmth to your hair to fashion it-Bundle your hair

Make certain you p.c. up your hair following the instructions given to you by using your customer – these could have been outlined on your settlement, so you would possibly want to check it earlier than wrapping up.

If none have been given, placed your hair (nonetheless in the hair bobble) in a sandwich bag or clean container after which place it in a tightly sealed envelope. remember to send it off with a monitoring code so that you and your buyer can observe your package deal. Bon, voyage!

Don’t overlook there are different approaches to monetize your mane, consisting of being a cut-n-shade guinea pig (ask your hairdresser), jogging a beauty weblog or hair demos, or being a hair version.

And if you’re creatively minded and not without difficulty creeped out, you could even make and promote your personal specific paint brushes, art or jewelry on Etsy!

Where To Sell Your Hair

  • There are a couple of well-known hair-buying sites, so it’s worth seeing what they offer or advise before committing to anyone in particular: try Bloomsbury Wigs or Banbury Postiche.
  • Try looking for wig makers or hair colleges in your area, or ask your hairdresser for leads.
  • It’s harder to find other industries that will take your barnet off your hands, but they are out there: false lashes, industrial gardening kits, and fertilizers all use hair!
  • You can try selling directly yourself: there’s plenty of action on eBay and Gumtree. Make sure to include lots of details and photos about your hair’s length and condition, and use keywords such as ‘virgin hair’, ‘afro’ or ‘straight’ as applicable.
  • If you’re in it for the long-haul, set up a YouTube channel or another social media channel dedicated to your hair’s progress so buyers have plenty of time to find you (and, who knows, start a bidding war). While you’re there, see if you can activate your account for advertising and earn a little extra on the side!

Top Guidelines for Growing Sellable Hair

  1. Understand what you’re aiming for and what’s involved: if you’re after 15 inches of bright, virgin hair, you’re going to must devote!
  2. Ditch the hair dryer, straighteners or hold your head far from severe warmth. Use merchandise (hairspray, wax or whatever) sparingly and wash out thoroughly once they’ve completed the process. 
  3. Deep situation your hair as soon as a week with coconut oil in a single day (however shield your PJs and pillows first!), or use one of these domestic-made hair treats
  4. Wear a hat or use a heat safety spray within the solar, and assume twice about swimming or surfing without a cap (you can overlook about seeking to lighten your hair with lemon juice, too!)
  5. Don’t go nuts brushing your hair too much or too enthusiastically – you could end up breaking it
  6. Get wholesome from the interior: get masses of water, fruit and veg and sufficient sleep. Oh, and don’t smoke. give everyone who has the nerve to smoke for your presence the stink eye!

Donate Your Hair to Charity

Ok, this course will earn you greater brownie factors as opposed to extra money, however in case you're feeling generous you may additionally donate your hair to charity. Appaz even the likes of Kate Middleton and Harry styles have donated their locks!
Positive charities acquire human hair to make into wigs for people present process chemotherapy. they're given away freed from price – wigs comprised of actual human hair are pricey, remember!

As an instance, the Little Princess believes provides wigs for human beings beneath the aged of 24 who've lost their hair to chemotherapy. The donated hair nevertheless has to satisfy sure necessities, which can be generally very much like those of regular shoppers, so double-take a look at whether or not your hair meets the standards before giving it the snip!
If that sounds wonderfully egalitarian, endure in thoughts that ethnic call for varies vastly round the arena, with one united kingdom hair handler stating they pay less for Asian hair than Caucasian. it's a customer's market!

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