How to Verify Your Site in Baidu Webmaster Tools | Baidu is the No. 1 Search Engine in China

How to Verify Your Site in Baidu Webmaster Tools : Baidu is that the no 1 computer programme in China. Baidu Webmaster Tools could be a metrics platform for webmasters to trace their sites’ Baidu performance and acquire SEO recommendations from Baidu.

Site verification is that the initiative in taking advantage of the toolkit. Once your website is verified by Baidu, you'll be able to access Baidu Webmaster Tools, speed up webpage regulation, track the Baidu spider locomotion standing, and more.

Below are the four steps for website verification on Baidu.

1.   Log in to your Baidu account

First, you want to log in to your account. Below is what you'll see once you login. Click the blue button to submit your web site for verification.

how-to-verifyyour-site-in-baidu-webmaster-tools, baidu-login-page

Verifying-View once login

2.   Add your web site to Baidu

You must initial input the acceptable protocol header—http:// or https://— before coming into your website’s name. The www. is nonmandatory.
How to Verify Your Site in Baidu Webmaster Tools, Baidu is the No. 1 site in china

Baidu recommends proving that you just are the owner of the most name. once you’ve well-tried you're the owner, you'll be able to add sub-domains in batches and look at the info while not re-verification. for instance, if https://www.example.com is verified by Baidu, then you'll be able to add https://www.mydigitalservices.in and track its performance while not re-verification.

Verifying-Add website

3. Select Your Website Properties

Baidu provides several choices for characterizing your website, like film and video animation, domestic services, etc. you'll be able to form to three choices to explain your web site.

How to Verify Your Site in Baidu Webmaster Tools, Select website Properties

Verifying-Site properties
You can read and modify your property settings in 网站支持 (Website Support) > 搜索展现 (Search Display) > 站点属性 (Site Property) from the highest navigation. otherwise you will access the page directly here.

Notice: once your website is with success verified, you'll be able to solely modify your website domain data once each thirty days. Please set it carefully!

Verifying-Modify website properties

4. Verify Your Website

There are three ways in which to verify the website: 1) file verification, 2) markup language tag verification, or 3) CNAME verification.

How to Verify Your Site in Baidu Webmaster Tools, Verify your Website

Option 1: File Verification

There are five steps for you to finish the file verification:

  • Choose File Verification.
  • Download the verification file.
  • Upload the verification file to the foundation of the positioning.
  • Make sure the file is accessible.
  • Complete the ver fication.
  • Verifying-File Verification

Option 2: markup language Tag Verification

There are three steps for you to finish the markup language tag verification:

  • Choose markup language Tag Verification.
  • Insert the tag to the markup language code of the homepage, between the  and  tag.
  • Complete the verification.
  • Verifying-HTML Tag Verification

Option 3: CNAME Verification

There are three steps for you to finish the CNAME verification.

  • Choose CNAME Verification.
  • CNAME the provided sub-domain to baidu.com
  • Complete the verification.

Important Note: don't take away the DNS record to form positive this verification works.

Verifying-CNAME Verification

Once you’ve verified your website with Baidu, you'll have access to Baidu Webmaster Tools with enlarged practicality and metrics to trace the success of your website, like quicker webpage regulation, higher pursuit of Baidu spider locomotion standing, and more.

Stay tuned to our journal for careful guides on a way to use Baidu Webmaster Tools.

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