How to Use Trending Topics to Build Link & Boost Traffic in both Blogger and WordPress

How to Use Trending Topics to Build Link, Google trends

More traffic, Greater links, more conversions – the trifecta of SEO (search engine optimization).

Whether you’re an Search Engine Optimization Expert or a website proprietor looking to increase your presence on-line, you know that attractive, SEO-friendly content is the key to attracting high-quality links and organic site visitors.

However, you may feel like you're fresh out of thoughts or maybe that you are in a “boring” area of interest that makes it tough to suppose up thrilling content material subjects.

Fortunately, with the aid of staying tuned into contemporary events and trending topics in your area of interest, you may effortlessly and creatively develop content material that’s clickable, shareable, and linkable.

Right here are five methods to use trending subjects to draw hyperlinks and focused visitors to your website.

1. Maintain Up with the Times

The first step in creating content that’s certain to move viral is staying ahead of the developments as an awful lot as possible.

By the time you're seeing tons of articles on a given subject matter, it may be too overdue to experience the wave.

That’s why you need to leverage numerous gear to live on top of current events, information tales, popular culture, and extra.

That way, as quickly as a story breaks, you may begin drafting up your very own article, evaluation, video, or opinion piece.

The Best Tools for Maintaining Up with Trending Topics

Google Trends

Google trends is a extraordinary trending subjects tool, because it shows you the pinnacle growing searches associated with your keyword.

You may also filter out your searches through region and date.

Use Google trends to see what topics are trending in your niche and maintain tune of any increases in traffic.


Even as maximum people use Facebook to live in contact with buddies, percentage our thoughts, or even observe our favorite brands, it’s no wonder that Facebook  is exquisite for recognizing what topics are trending online.

You could check out famous hashtags related to your niche, pop into facebook businesses to see what your audience is talking about, or in reality live tuned into what events are showing up for your Timeline.

You may even want to survey your fans to discover what they're interested by at the moment.


Just like Facebook, Twitter is a hub for all this is taking place on-line – from important social issues to celebrity information and the entirety else in among.

Check out the Trending phase to look what’s warm on-line proper now, or visit famous hashtags in your industry. you can also need to follow public figures and your favorite brands to see what is being shared and pointed out most.


Reddit is underrated, however it could truly be a rather treasured device, both for finding content material and selling your own.

You may discover “Subreddits” related to current activities, technology, politics, and almost any niche you may imagine.

You could also engage with posts to reinforce your “karma” so you can have greater possibilities for engagement for your personal posts in a while.

Reddit may be a super region to discover what’s taking place in the international of search engine optimization, enterprise, and past.

2. Appearance Out for Possibilities

After you are aware of what subjects are presently trending to your space, then you could to appearance out for opportunities to create some truly excellent content.

Doing so is going far past in reality writing a derivative of an existing article or maybe an opinion piece on a cutting-edge event. now is the time to think out of doors the field.

Instead of scouring the internet for ideas, the best approach is to start with what  already – your logo.

In case you are honed in for your brand message and what your target audience is seeking out, spotting stable content possibilities should be much less difficult than beginning “from scratch”.

Right here are a few questions to ask your self whilst looking for content material possibilities:

  • Is there a “hole” in what’s presently being covered? Is there an attitude that other news retailers and websites are lacking? can you provide a fresh take on a contemporary issue?
  • What is my target market interested in at this moment? Is there a pressing problem that desires to be addressed? once in a while it’s as easy as asking them what they're inquisitive about, and growing content round that.
  • What are your competitors speaking about? In case your opposition is protecting a subject, that’s an excellent indication that you must be too. just make certain that it's far, in reality, relevant in your target audience and that your content material is authentic.
  • What has worked within the past?  No matter what’s trending now, is there a fashion or layout of content that has labored nicely inside the beyond. can you reflect your “evergreen” content material with a cutting-edge twist?
  • What kind of content is most inkable in your niche? This takes a piece of   digging, however by using looking your key terms, you have to be capable of locate a few content material portions that have done nicely on-line. if they have a excessive number of  great links, see if you can dissect their strategy and format.

I don’t endorse “beginning cold” and covering a trending subject matter without doing a bit of studies first.

In case you clearly understand your target audience, you will get a sense of what's of interest to them and how to layout your content material in an powerful manner

3. Develop Shareable, Engaging Content.

Even as getting the hold of it may take some trial and blunders, it entails instead minimal investment.

That being said, there are a few hints for growing content that will attract hyperlinks and raise site visitors.

Choose the Best Format

While the pass-to for content has a tendency to be blog posts, once in a while it’s quality to get a chunk greater creative.

Think long and difficult about what format could be most enticing for the content material you desire to place out.

Could a quick video do the trick? A listicle? A humorous cool animated film?

The opportunities are almost countless.

In terms of trending topics, maximum instances people are seeking to get their statistics as fast as viable.

You need them to understand instantly what the content material is ready, what your principal points are, and what moves you want them to take.

The faster they could devour it, the more likely they're to proportion it.

Aim for a Wider Audience

Most of the time when you are crafting a content marketing piece, particularly for hyperlinks, you will want to tailor it to a completely unique audience.

However, what topics right here is that your content is picked up through a huge range of systems and is shared at hyper speed.

By way of aiming for a much broader audience, there’s more capability for it to be shared across the web.

It can now not be the maximum conversion-pleasant piece you have got put together, but the point is that it:

  • Generates a number of traffic.
  • Attracts Hyperlinks.

With greater shares, the percentages are in your desire.

Add Images, Infographics & Videos

Including images, videos, and more for your content material will handiest up the engagement thing, making it more likely that human beings will proportion your content.

This also facilitates it enchantment to people who prefer one-of-a-kind types of facts (video, written, etc.).

Also, through including other capabilities in your content material, you make it clean to repurpose your content for different platforms.

As an example, you could share your photographs on Instagram, your video on YouTube, sell an infographic through e mail, and more. This opens up even greater traffic channels.

Optimize for Search

Glaringly, if traffic and hyperlinks are your main objectives, you will want to optimize your content material for optimize your content search engines.

In case you aren’t properly-versed in SEO yet, you may paintings with a content marketer or search engine optimization copywriter to ensure that your content material follows SEO exceptional practices.

Don’t worry if your website isn’t fully optimized. Your purpose right here is to create content material to marketplace across systems fast and achieve hyperlinks in a shorter time period. you can continually work to optimize your website online afterward.

Optimize for Sharing

This need to be an apparent point but it's miles regularly omitted.

It need to be extremely good smooth for users to proportion your content material as they want. this indicates making the percentage buttons accessible on your website, which include an enticing identify and outline, and putting a featured photo on your put up.

you will additionally want to optimize your content material for mobile and even make it available in a ramification of codecs, if possible. This makes it easy for customers to percentage your content material to facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and greater.

5. Repurpose Across Platforms

Once it’s time to share your content, it’s worth being strategic approximately what structures you're going to flow into your content material on and the way.

Actually sharing a blog post on facebook gained’t do a whole lot to get you the traffic and hyperlinks you're seeking out.

If social media control isn’t your specialty, again, it could be really worth operating with a content material advertising professional to develop a method to your content material.

If that’s now not pretty within the budget, here is a listing of ideas to get you began:

  • Turn written content material right into a slide video with voiceover to proportion on YouTube.
  • Deal with the topic thru Facebook Live on your business web page.
  • Add images out of your article on your Instagram story.
  • Run a campaign on your e mail listing that consists of a hyperlink on your content.
  • Circulate your content in niche-related fb organizations.
  • Connect with Influencers for your industry to sell your content for you.
  • Run a facebook or Instagram advert marketing campaign.
  • Use e-mail outreach to attract links on your video, article, or info graphic.
  • Run a opposition or advertising along with your target audience for a prize in alternate for social shares.
  • Contact buddies and contacts in your network to proportion your content material.

Keep in mind what structures you're already lively on and which ones your target market is maximum in all likelihood to interact on.

Think creatively about how exceptional to repurpose content into a variety of formats for gold standard sharing.

Once more, this can take some trial and mistakes, however in the end, you'll be capable of see which structures convey in the most traffics and hyperlinks.

Make a note of this and you will be certain to satisfactory-music your technique the subsequent time around.


The use of trending subjects in your content material advertising may be a wonderful way to head viral in your content and enhance visitors and hyperlinks on your website.

You should be able to stay on top of the tendencies, keep your eyes open to possibilities, after which craft content that’s made to have interaction.

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