10 Whatsapp Hacks, Tips and Tricks you should know

10 Whatsapp Hacks, Tips and Tricks you should know

For a number of years, you've been able to broadcast your Android phone or tablet's display to the larger screen of a television using a Chromecast. In addition to beaming video from all the usual movie and TV apps, this streaming device can mirror your phone. Take advantage of a mirroring shortcut in the Quick Settings pane, which you access by dragging down from the top of the screen with two fingers. You should find a Cast option in this menu.

If it doesn't show up, there's another way to set up mirroring. First, check to make sure you've installed the Google Home app for Android. You probably already used this program to set up your Chromecast. Open the app, tap Cast screen/audio from its menu, and then choose your Chromecast. Your device's display should appear on the big screen.

1. Run Apps Side-by-Side

10 Whatsapp Hacks, Tips and Tricks you should know-run apps side by side

One of the new features added in Android 7.0 Nougat is the option to run apps side-by-side or one above the other. This view comes in handy when you want to display photos, optimize your social networking, or multitask, although it's a bit too laggy for gaming.

To Set it up, 

Tap the Overview button (the square icon below the screen) button, and choose which of your recently used apps you want to see.
Then, hold and drag that app's title bar to the top or left of the display. Finally, choose another open app to appear alongside or under it.

Meanwhile, here's another related tip: Double-tap rather than single-tap the Overview button to quickly switch between the two apps you've been using most recently.

2) Enable Developer Mode

10 Whatsapp Hacks, Tips and Tricks you should know

Ok, this is one of the more widely known tricks, but it’s important nonetheless, so we are going to include it.

Navigate to Settings > About phone and tap on your phone’s Build number seven times. You’ll get an on screen countdown, eventually followed by a message saying “Congratulations, you are now a developer”.

3) Quickly Change Your WiFi Network

Quickly Change Your WiFi Network- Quickly Change Your Wifi Network

Oddly, how to quickly switch between WiFi networks is not very obvious. Sure, you can go to Settings > Wi-Fi and change it there, but there has to be a faster way, right?

Improve Your Android Wi-Fi Experience With These Handy Android Apps 

Swipe down twice from the top of your screen to open the Quick Settings menu, and instead of pressing on the WiFi icon (which disables it), instead press on the network’s name. You’ll immediately be given a list of all the networks in your vicinity.

That is, if your version of Android supports this.

4. Hide WhatsApp Media from Gallery

10 Whatsapp Hacks, Tips and Tricks you should know-Hide Whatsapp Media

The first-rate Whatsapp hacks and tricks of 2017 are in this newsletter, however the maximum highlighted one is a way to disguise whatsapp media from the gallery. this is much easy and simpler.

Note: This trick is only plausible for android cell smartphone.

No question that you get a bundle of messages on whatsapp each day consisting of motion pictures and photos. are you getting bored with some of these images? nicely, we've got a solution for you. in case you don’t need incoming media shown to your gallery, then disguise it. sure! cover it.

The trick is simple and applicable:

  1. Open your phone File Manager and browse for internal storage WhatsApp
  2. In Internal Storage WhatsApp>Media and then Rename “WhatsApp Images” and “WhatsApp Video’ folders simply to.“WhatsApp Video” And here you go.
  3. You can see your WhatsApp media in a file manager. Please note (.) there is a dot before “.WhatsApp Video” so be careful while applying that trick.

5. Install a Custom ROM

If Google or your carrier is not being forthcoming with updates, installing a custom ROM may be the solution. This is essentially installing a custom version of Android.

It will let you install mods built by the community to provide better performance or more features, or make the jump to the latest version of Android when your device no longer officially supports it.

There is an inherent risk when doing this. You will need to root, which has a very real chance of bricking your device. Some apps (like banking apps) won’t work out of the box. You may void your warranty. But if you’re confident in your tech skills or you’re playing around with an old or spare device, this method can inject new life into an old gadget and really speed it up.

6. Clear up your Home Screen

10 Whatsapp Hacks, Tips and Tricks you should know- Clean Up Home Screen

It’s important to clean your home once in a while. The same is also true of your Android device. If you have a home screen with a live wallpaper that’s covered in widgets that show you the news, weather and social feeds, you may notice a little shudder when transitioning between screens. If you’ve enabled something like Bixby’s feed, consider dropping it.

Switching to a better launcher can also often help to make things nippier. I personally try to restrict my layout to a single page with folders, rather than multiple screens. This doesn’t speed up Android, so much as it speeds up the wetware (me) so I can get to things much quicker.

7. Browse Faster

If you want to speed up your browsing experience, try enabling “Data Saver” mode in Chrome. This compresses pages, allowing for lower data usage and faster load-times. This trick will slightly hurt image quality, but many will find that an acceptable compromise.  Of course, the web page must first be sent to Google for compression before being sent to your device, so your data speeds may play a factor here.

It’s in the settings menu in Chrome. Of course, you can also try other browsers that claim to be faster.

8. Clearing Cached Data

10 Whatsapp Hacks, Tips and Tricks you should know - Ccleaner

Cached data is information your apps store to help them boot up more quickly — and thus speed up Android. A browser might cache images from a website you visit often so it doesn’t need to download the image every single time you load the page.

Cached data should actually make your phone quicker. But it can also have a negative impact if the cache becomes bloated (not to mention if it takes up unnecessary space on your device). For those apps with caches bulging at the seams, you can remove cached data individually by navigating to App info > Storage > Clear Cache.
There are apps out there to streamline this process too, such as CCleaner.

9. Turn off Auto-Sync

If you have a relatively modern phone, chances are it behaves pretty well under most conditions. The one time you might have noticed slow down is when downloading and installing new apps.

Something similar happens all the time behind the scenes when your apps sync. Head into the Accounts menu in your settings and you’ll find the option “Automatically sync data” is set to on. You probably don’t want to change this, unless you have an old device purely for gaming or browsing. By selecting individual apps from the list, you should be able to turn some off individually or alter their settings in their own menus. Be mindful of the apps you are installing and forgetting about that might be syncing in the background. Ask yourself if apps need to sync every half hour, or whether once a day would suffice.

Ask yourself if apps need to sync every half hour, or whether once a day would suffice.

10. Share Location with WhatsApp Friends

You can easily share your location with your friends if you are in doubt that you are not at right place.
  • You just need to attach on the attachment icon, and from there you can share your location
  • For this, you need to have activated GPS

These are the super cool 10 WhatsApp Hacks and Tricks that you need to know and easy apply all these for a better experience. All hacks are workable and can easily be used anywhere anytime.

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